Holiday Invitation Design

This is a design I did for a holiday invitation of a big company. The design embraces the full holiday period, with many different events from many different cultures. All of them being given a tile in the same style with the same colours.

For the design I choose to use a simple color scheme of 5 colours. This did make it sometimes a challenge to express the full image in a limited amount of colours.
Here you will find all 10 Illustrations created for this invitation. Starting at the top left we have;

  • A dreidel to celebrate Hanukah.
  • Hot coco with marshmallows to celebrate the cold weather.
  • Fireworks to celebrate the changing into the new year.
  • A gingerbread man to celebrate the delicious treats of this time of the year.
  • A Miter and Staff to celebrate the dutch holiday of Sinterklaas.
  • A string of lights to celebrate the festive decorations.
  • A Christmas tree to celebrate the christian holiday of Christmas.
  • A pile of gifts to celebrate the season of giving.
  • Two candy canes to celebrate St. Nicolaas day.
  • Snowflakes to celebrate the unique weather of this season.

All of these illustrations combined into one invitation, that left space for the information, name and QR code for the event. And make the final holiday invitation design complete.

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